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The software for measuring the limb load

The application is used in orthopedic and rehabilitation clinics to measure the load distribution of limbs during physical exercises such as walking, squats and jumps.

The program shows the leg pressure on the graph, calculates the average load and the percentage difference between left and right leg.

The user can archive the weighings, read the historical measurement and print the graph.


The software for calculating the quantity of goods, labeling packages and updating orders

The application is used by manufacturing companies to calculate the quantity of goods based on the weight of a single item and to print labels for packaging. Additionally, after weighing the the package, the updates of the order is performed (subtracting the quantity of goods weighed from the planned quantity in the order).

The program has the ability to prepare weighing reports and order statuses for specific days.


The software for planning and calculation routes in transport company

The application is used by transport companies to planning and calculation routes.

The users have possibilities to define routes consisting of stages (transport services from city A to B), which have their own rates per kilometer and freight. The routes have assigned to drivers, vehicles and statuses (planned / finnished).

It is possible to prepare the report of routes in certain period with additional filters such as drivers or vehicles.


The software for dosing scales

The program is used to control, visualization and archiving of the dosing process. The user has possibility to define recipes, start or stop the processes and prepare report of the finnished processes. powiększenie

Display simulating software

The software reads data from multiple external exectronic devices and presents it as a display. powiększenie