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General description

The label printing software is used for the fast handling of the weighing process label printing and archiving weighing data records. The software has been adjusted to work with touch screen monitors: it contains very simple to use, large and clear buttons and switches.

The software is used for storage scales.

The program performs "real-time" communication with the scale, displays the current weight (gross, net, tare) and calculates the number of items based on product single unit weight.

The basic operations are performed by means of two buttons:

  1. selecting the product to be weighed (only if it is different than the one weighed previously; large buttons; products are located in fixed positions on the screen, which makes them easy to remember; own coloring scheme of product groups)
  2. printing the label (a large button; printing to be preceded by the print-preview window with an option to be omitted)
  • intuitive user interface
  • compatibility with any scale and Windows printer
  • designing labels
  • archiving weighing data
  • no installation needed

Download DEMO (free)


There is a free demo version of the program available containing all the features except for the connection to the scale which has been replaced by the simulation mode.


The software is compatible with any Windows printer and automatically adapts to the printer's resolution and paper/label size.

The program administrator has the possibility to design label templates which contain fixed elements (e.g. company name, logo), variable elements (e.g. product name, weighing time, number of items, bar-code) and the graphics (BMP files).

Designing a label allows for any of its part to be formatted (e.g. product name, description) and displayed as bold, underline or italic.

The software allows to define 100 label templates (with a possibility of copying templates). Each product is assigned to the particular label template which will be used while label printing.

Designing a label is performed on the real page/label format. The placement of each the object is defined by percentage values of the paper-size.

There is a possibility to print a label automatically if only the weight is stable and meets defined min-max criteria.

Software configuration

The configuration settings allow to adjust the software view and behavior to the individual needs.

Changing the configuration is protected by a password. Software configuration options include:

  • connection to the scale and weighing unit selection [g]/[kg]
  • defining groups of products and products with attributes such as: name, 2 descriptions, date of production, use-by dates, single item weight, 4 custom text properties, presentation/hiding
  • defining colors and locations on the screen for groups of products and products
  • defining 100 printing label templates
  • adjusting program behaviors, such as: automatic log-off, required decrease in weight between subsequent labels, required entry of the number of items while choosing a product, automatic printing when the weight is stable, disabling print-preview window before printing, indicating if the product weight meets the min-max criterion.
  • adjusting the main Window view: hiding the Windows task-bar, hiding the close button [x]

Other features

Additional program functionalities are presented below:

  • printing labels with 2 clicks: "1 - print preview", "2 - print")
  • intuitive user interface adjusted to work with touch screen monitors
  • full screen resizing regardless of the screen size
  • possibility of defining 25 groups of products and 25 products in each group
  • individual user logging with an option of an automatic log-off after the defined no-activity period
  • entry to program settings to be protected by a password
  • possibility of manual entry of the actual number of items with an automatic recalculation of a single item weight
  • dynamic calculation and presentation of the number of items
  • designing a label in a real page/label format
  • text formatting of any part of a label (bold, underline, italic)
  • enabling print-preview window before printing and while label template designing
  • possibility of printing an EAN13 bar-code (containing a product code and current weight), images (BMP files) or tables
  • archiving weighing data records and reporting (filtering by date, product, product group, report printing, copying tables into storage)
  • indicating a use-by date of a product based on the date of production or weighing, as well as the number of days to the end of a use-by date
  • assigning colors to the groups of products and all products from the group
  • possibility of hiding the Windows task-bar and/or the close button [x]

The program is compatible with any scale or indicator equipped with RS232/485 or ethernet interface, for example: AWO, Axis, CAS, EWP, Radwag, HBM, Inwag, Rhewa, Rinstrum, Sensocar, Soehnle.

There is a possibility of adjusting the program to work with scales of other producers and enhancing its functionalities according to the individual customer’s needs.

Prices and licensing

The price of the single-workstation license is 200 €.

The license is assigned to one particular PC station.

All the modifications needed to apply the program to the particular scale / indicator are included in the price. Any other modifications or customized functionalities will be priced individually.

All the prices does not include the VAT tax. The buyer is obliged to settle the VAT tax in his country.

How to buy?

The ordering software procedure is described on the Frequend Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

If you have any questions regarding the program or the scale to the PC connectivity/installation steps please send us an email (office@softwareforscales.com).