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Software description

The software is used for displaying the current weight value from the electronic scale and typing it in any other application.

The software performs the "real-time" communication with the scale and displays the current weight on the screen.

The software works in the background and after pressing the defined shortcut key it types the current weight in the current cursor location (for example in the current cell of the Excel spreadsheet or in a window of the warehouse management software).

The software configuration allows:

  • works with any scale
  • works with any application
  • no installation needed

Download DEMO (free)

  • setting the scale display visibility option to "always on top" (to prevent the display to be hidden by the other applications)
  • defining the keyboard shortcut that will trigger typing current weight in the current cursor position
  • automatically adding date and/or time stamp to the current weight
  • automatically adding Enter or Tab key after typing the current weight
  • placing the software in the Windows Tray (right button corner of the screen)
The software works with any electronic scale and with any Windows application.

There is a free demo version of the program available containing all the features except for the connection to the scale which has been replaced by the simulation mode.

Screenshot example


Prices and licensing

The price of the single-workstation license is 49 €.

The license is assigned to one particular PC station.

All the modifications needed to apply the program to the particular truck scale / indicator are included in the price.

How to buy?

The ordering software procedure is described on the Frequend Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

If you have any questions regarding the program or the scale to the PC connectivity/installation steps please send us an email (office@softwareforscales.com).