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General description

The software for monitoring scales is used to display the current weight from many electronic scales, and to save the values as a text file with additional information regarding the date, time and scale number.

The program performs "real-time" communication with the scales and parallelly displays the current weight from a few scales.

Depending on the software version the connection to the scales is done via the COM port (RS232) or TCP/IP (Ethernet).

There is a possibility of adjusting its functionalities to an individual customer’s needs, for example:

  • alarm or automatic weight saving on meeting the defined criteria
  • reading information from other additional devices or measurers
  • presenting the current weight on the internet
  • creating various reports and printouts
  • exchanging data with other applications (e.g. export data to SQL or XML files)
  • compatibility with any scale
  • no installation needed

The program works with all kinds of scales, for example: AWO, Axis, Bilanciai, CAS, EWP, Fawag, HBM, Inwag, Keli, Mettler-Toledo, Precia Molen, Radwag, Rhewa, Rinstrum, Sensocar, Soehnle with a possibility of adjusting it to other producers’ devices.

There is a free demo version of the program available containing all the features except for the connection to the scale which has been replaced by the simulation mode.

Examples of screenshots

The main screen presents scale displays presenting the current weight and connection properties with scales. Additionally, under the display there are buttons used for saving the current weight to the text file, containing the date, time and weight parameters.
The configuration screen. Depending on the version the connection to the scales is done via RS232 (the COM port number and the baud rate) or Ethernet (the IP address and the port number).

Cena i licencjonowanie

The prices of the single-workstation license are as follows:

  • version with connection to two scales 70 €
  • version with connection to four scales 120 €
  • version with connection to six scales 170 €

The license is assigned to one particular PC station.

All the modifications needed to apply the program to the particular scale / indicator are included in the price. Any other modifications or customized functionalities will be priced individually.

All the prices does not include the VAT tax. The buyer is obliged to settle the VAT tax in his country.

How to buy?

The ordering software procedure is described on the Frequend Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

If you have any questions regarding the program or the scale to the PC connectivity/installation steps please send us an email (office@softwareforscales.com).