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About us

We are a professional IT company specializing in creating customized software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We have over ten years' experience in creating software that works with electronic scales, meters and other various measures measures from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our programs are distinguished by easy, intuitive operation, simple installation and configuration.

Our offer is aimed at the manufacturers of the electronic devices, distributors and individual customers.

Software for scales

We offer computer software compatible with electronic scales, meters and measurement systems:

Truck scales software

"Display" software

Weighing & label printing

Archiving weighings

Presenting weighings over the internet
(customized solution)

Our software is compatible with any types of the electronic scales, indicators or devices, inluding: AWO, Axis, EWP, Bilanciai, CAS, HBM, Inwag, Keli, Mettler-Toledo, Radwag, Rhewa, Rinstrum, Sensocar, Soehnle.

There is a possibility of modifying our software according to the individual needs.

Contact us

email: office@softwareforscales.com